The Chap

Samstag, 31. März 2012
20 Uhr
„The Chap are nuts, right? They’re so weird that even guys who are pretty weird themselves think The Chap are weird. They don’t look like they play in a band! Weird. They’re almost in their 40s! Weird. Their music is a hectic hybrid of almost everything that ever happened in modern western society, which means it’s really poppy but also quite screechy and detached and has really weird lyrics about cloning oneself and getting positive feedback from one’s boss. Weird.“ 

Außerdem weird: ist an den Plattentellern.

Klub Genau
Vietorstrasse 59a

Henrik Link zur Veranstaltung,%2031.%20März%202012%2020%20Uhr%20„The%20Chap%20are%20nuts,%20right?%20They’re%20so%20weird%20that%20even%20guys%20who%20are%20pretty%20weird%20themselves%20think%20The%20Chap%20are%20weird.%20They%20don’t%20look%20like%20they%20play%20in%20a%20band!%20Weird.%20They’re%20almost%20in%20their%2040s!%20Weird.%20Their%20music%20is%20a%20hectic%20hybrid%20of%20almost%20everything%20that%20ever%20%5B…%5D&sprop=Kalkpost